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Can I replace halogen lighting fixtures with LED?
Yes, in most cases it is a simple one for one replacement. Just double check the polarity of the wires when installing the new LED fixtures. Check out ITC Manufacturers’ Select installation pages for complete installation instructions.
Why should I use LED lighting in my RV or Boat?
LED lighting has many advantages over halogen lighting including long life spans, lower energy usage, lower surface temperatures. LEDs can be incorporated in many locations in both boats and RVs.
Can I upgrade my boat or RV to have RGB lighting?
Since RGB LED lighting currently requires 4 wires many RVs and Boats are wired with only 2 wire systems. To install RGB lighting into older units many require the re-wiring of the unit. This maybe best handled by a certified service location.
Why is my exterior shower leaking?
The leaking could be caused by many things including loose connections between the shower and hose, or the components may not have been winterized properly.
How do I winterize my exterior shower?
It is best to consult the owner’s manual for winterizing your whole unit. Specifically for the ITC Manufacturers’ Select Exterior Shower be sure all water is removed from the hoses including the sprayer.
What is an IP rating?
The IP rating is an international measurement that defines the lever of effectiveness for particle or moisture intuition. The higher the number the more water proof an item is. IP65 = protected from low pressure water jets, IP68 = protected from long term immersion up to a specified pressure.
How do I know what product is in my RV or boat?
Many manufacturers of components have their company or brand name on the product (for ITC products look for the ITC logo tag on the back or wires). Even if your boat or RV did not have ITC product originally you still may be able to us ITC Manufacturers’ Select product to upgrade you unit. Double check cutout sizes for compatibility of replacements.
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